New Year, New You.

7 Jan

Hello world!
As previously mentioned, Graci and I took a leave of absence over the holidays, and it was mostly unintentional. However, with finals eating my brain for a snack, Graci traveling home with me and her husband for Christmas, celebrating our birthday, seeing old friends, and of course opening presents at every glorious turn, we just totally neglected to keep you in the holiday fashion loop!

Never fear, the wait has ended.

I want to introduce you to some inspiration for a new you just in time for a new year! What the heck, it’s 2013! With the end of the world falling on me and Graci’s birthday, not many of us really thought we’d get this far, right? Right! So it’s time to celebrate and put yourself out there. In other words, get your nerve up and make that big change!


First, let me start by saying that Graci and I would never encourage you to do something we weren’t brave enough to do ourselves! So let me give you a little personal inspiration before I sick any celebrity inspiration on your over-stimulated, post-holiday minds.


Yes! That’s me! I did a total 180 this fall when I came back to college and launched into junior year. I’ve been a blonde my whole life, and I finally got up my nerve and made the change I’d been wanting. Also, I’m currently in the process of going back to a Blake-Lively-honey-blonde, and it’s a lot of fun. The in-between stages are just as great as the big change!

Graci also has some inspiration to share.


Lately, Graci has taken her strawberry blonde locks to a more fierce red, and it is absolutely gorgeous. Hopefully we can do a photo shoot soon to keep you all updated, but the bottom line is, this hair change was a complete success for her.

Now, for some classic celeb inspiration.


Ashley Greene: one of my classic favorites for hair inspiration! This pretty lady has gone from dark, to honey, to blonde, and back again! From short, spikey haired Alice in Twilight, to a long luscious haired Cosmo cover, she is always experimenting and always winning.


Demi Lovato: This Disney darling has been through it all! Lately on the cover of Teen Vogue, I saw her with blue lowlights, and it was pretty cute. Going from such a natural dark color to such a light blonde was a bold move, and I have to say it turned out pretty great! However, regardless of color, she always kills it with confidence!


Dakota Fanning: Is this our blonde sweetheart?! For the final twilight premiere, she appears to have switched it up for the first time. I’ve got to say, Graci and I are huge fans. Dakota rocks this look, and even though it’s different, it definitely brings out a whole new her.

       "The Town" Premiere - 2010 Toronto International Film Festival701908_1303945229962_full

Blake Lively: Whether you’re a Sisterhood fan, or a Gossip Girl fan, you’ll know that Blake Lively is known for her perfect blonde hair, however, recently she has joined the ranks of the gingers, and it appears to have been a lovely choice.


Jennifer Lawrence: Say what? I had no idea she was a blonde when I saw Hunger Games for the first time. To be honest, I can’t decide which I like better. She owns both of these.

          emma-stoneEmma Stone Red Hair Superman

Emma Stone: One word: respect. I adore Emma, and that’s all there is to it. She’s just so lovable and gorgeous no matter what she does, and her recent hair changes have only proven to me what a classic beauty she is.

          jessica-alba-38 jessicaalba_dolcegabana-mdn

Jessica Alba: Alright, besides the fact that nearly every girl I know wishes she could BE Jessica, and besides the fact that almost every guy wishes he could be WITH Jessica…. She’s just a stunner no matter what she does. I love her with dark hair, personally, but the blonde is beautiful too. She just wins all around.

     Hilary-Duff-1  Hilary Duff wallpaper 4hilary%2520duff-10

Hilary Duff: Okay, not fair that one girl can look so incredible with such violently different hair colors. Does it just come with the territory that ALL actresses can look amazing with any hair color? I’m beginning to wonder.


Miley Cyrus: Alright, now this has got to be BY FAR the biggest hair change I’ve seen. I’m not gonna lie, I’m a much bigger fan of the long, dark, layered, Victoria Secret hair, but she does make the short, rocker, blonde hair look pretty cute.

  THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON FOX Television 2006 TCA Winter Party

Nikki Reed: Wow, wow, wow. She is one SERIOUSLY beautiful lady. Dark is her natural color, but for Twilight she donned some pretty light blonde locks. Personally, dark is definitely her color, but she did make a beautiful blonde as well.

Alright, prepare yourselves for the grand finale, ladies.

                                       rachel_mcadams_jivebunnys5200004Rachel-3-rachel-mcadams-16608857-1920-1200rachel-mcadams-20080306052834098                                                            short-hair-styles-in-rachel-mcadamsRachelMcAdams-rachel-mcadams-741925_1024_768  Rachel-3-rachel-mcadams-3546756-1502-2252

Rachel McAdams: Oh, come ON. I’m officially convinced that Rachel McAdams owns the hair change competition. She is literally stunning in EVERY hair color, and to possess the bravery to try all of these colors is beyond my comprehension. Short, medium, long, blonde, honey, red, brown, black… Rachel has been there, done that, and gone back again ten times. She wins hands down.

Well, I know this one was a little long, and I’m sure you’ve come to expect that by now… But I hope you are inspired! Always remember to ASK your stylist and get it done PROFESSIONALLY the first time! Take into consideration your skin tone, and the time of year when making a change. And lastly, there is NOTHING wrong with going in small steps! Some of us just jump on in, and others of us need highlights or lowlights to test the waters! Regardless of your style, a hair change is good for almost everyone. Having said that, put on your big girl pants and introduce the world to a brand new you for a brand new year!

Happy 2013!
Be yourself, always.


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  1. Al February 1, 2013 at 2:01 am #

    Really liked what you had to say in your post, New Year, New You. free spirit stylists, thanks for the good read!
    — Al

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