30 Day Closet Cleanse

1 Feb

Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the Free Spirit Stylists 30 Day Closet Cleanse!

Skye and I are so excited to be doing this with everyone. The point of the challenge is not only to rid your closet of unwanted clothes, but even more so to start looking at your clothes in a new light. Say you always wear your flowered crop top with your jean skirt. Well maybe you already wore your jean skirt! Time to come up with a new outfit for that crop top. Be creative! Experiment with your closet! And hey, keep us in on the action by tweeting, instagraming, or facebooking us pictures of your outfits you come up with! Even add a short commentary and we’ll feature your outfits along with Skye and I’s under the new 30 DAY CLOSET CLEANSE tab at the top of the page! Check in for new outfits and commentary every day!

So, get ready folks, and let the outfit innovation begin!




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