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Are you ready to take the challenge?!

One month of new outfits EVERY DAY. 

Here’s the rules:

1. You MUST wear something new(that belongs to you) every day.
2. No re-wearing anything for the entire 30 days! (Exceptions: underclothes, work uniforms, shoes, and things of the like)
3. No buying new clothes! I know that sucks, but just for 30 days!
4. Take a picture of your outfit and tweet/instagram it to us! (Less of a rule, more of a suggestion)
5. At the end of the challenge purge your closet of the clothes/shoes/accessories you didn’t wear during the challenge/haven’t worn in several months or longer.

Are you up for it?

3687_385869831489808_134766275_n copy

Check back starting February 1st for Graci, Skye, and their friends progress!


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541551_10151281200676811_234019564_n 426151_10151281200661811_1910730764_n541537_10151281200671811_1617925975_n


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