Skye & Graci.

Born December 21st one year apart. Through a cruel twist of fate their mothers never received the memo that they were meant to be twins.

Semi-professional stylists, fashion moguls, photographers, nannies, baristas, crafters, and decorators.

Professional lovers of sunshine and summer, cats, bright colors, pretty nail polish, Barbie and all her movies, fantastic heels, good food, great music, autumn and beautiful leaves, handsome fellows, blazers, scarves and sweaters, glass bottles, puffy clouds, pretty things that have been around longer than us, tasteful humor, psychological thrillers, pea coats, delicate snowflakes and winter nights, camp fires, colored glass plates, chocolate, paper flowers, real flowers, good books, thunderstorms and spring walks, sun dresses, and Pretty Little Liars.
They enjoy being responsibly mischievous adventurers, explorers, innovators, and dreamers. However, they find the most joy in simply being themselves and never anyone else. You should do the same.

One Response to “WANNA KNOW ABOUT US?”

  1. L.Warren November 2, 2012 at 11:49 pm #

    Absolutely adorable. I’m in love with both of you. I can’t wait to see the progress of this already-amazing blog!

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