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One Week Away!

24 Jan

DSC_1489 copy


1. You MUST wear something new(that belongs to you) every day.
2. No re-wearing anything for the entire 30 days! (Exceptions: underclothes, work uniforms, shoes, and things of the like)
3. No buying new clothes! I know that sucks, but just for 30 days!
4. Take a picture of your outfit and tweet/instagram it to us! (Less of a rule, more of a suggestion–
5. At the end of the challenge purge your closet of the clothes/shoes/accessories you didn’t wear during the challenge/haven’t worn in several months or longer.

In these 30 days you’ll be able to figure out what in your closet you love, and what you can live without. You’ll be able to see what fits you well, and what maybe isn’t the most flattering on you anymore. Because you can’t re-wear items you’ll be able to mix and match your wardrobe and put together outfits you’ve never worn before! When it comes down to it this is about identifying the clothes that you love and make you feel good and getting rid of the rest! Simplify, purge, and fine tune your style with Skye and I on the 30 DAY CLOSET CEANSE!

The challenge is from February 1st–March 2d! Start your engines, ladies, and get ready!


Miss us?

7 Jan

Happy thanksgiving! Happy Hanukkah! Joyous Kwanza! Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! 

Did that cover them all?

Free Spirit Stylists took a short sabbatical, but we are back for the new year! We are confident that 2013 is going to be fantastic. 🙂

So buckle up and get ready for a fantastic 2013 with more fashion coverage, style tips, affordable fashion, and a late “fashion resolution” that we want you to do with us. 😉

Happy New Year! 




Let It Glow

20 Nov

Accessorize With BRIGHTS

6 Nov

Wanna have some fun?

We all know how it is to put together a super cute outfit that ends up looking a little blah because of all its earthy tones. If you’re like me you wear a lot of black, navy, grey, white, brown, and other muted earthy tones –and that’s probably because it’s just the majority of what’s in your closet. Now, instead of going on a 500$ shopping spree and buying all new bright clothes (which is great if you can afford it, but most of us cannot), or waiting 6 months to accumulate new bright articles of clothing with each new shopping trip, you can do something even better (and cheaper)! Just add bright accessories!

Spoiler Alert: It’s SIMPLE to take your outfit from drab to fab just by adding bright accessories (and faster and cheaper as well!).

Bright accessories just add that extra POP you’re looking for, and it’s just one of those simple stylist secrets to looking amazing.

Here are some of the many ways for bright colors to show up in your outfit:


Adding bright earrings, necklaces, and rings to any number of outfits to give it a new spin.

.:Head gear:.

The bandana is probably one of my new favorite things. It’s perfect for a bad hair day, or for just adding some extra color and flair to an every day look.

Note: Taylor Swift’s hat makes her look pop so much more than Taylor Momsen’s!

Here’s another bandana look that I love. Hair down or up, it’s a win every time.

Bright hats just have this ability to turn one outfit into something completely different in 3 seconds.


Bright purses are just another simple way to add color to your outfit. Purses are in GRAND supply at Plato’s Closet. Hit it up ladies.

.:The art of shoes:.

Check out these runway examples!

Shoes are an art, in my opinion. They come in so many styles and colors. Visit the nearest Goodwill or Plato’s and you’ll find so many amazing pairs of shoes for very little $. Also, they will be more one of a kind since they are probably not sold in stores any more!


GREAT NEWS! I went to Goodwill last week and bought 4 belts for 8$. Also, all the old retro colored belts are in there just hanging out since your mom’s friends finally got rid of them. You should stop in.


It’s Fall ladies! A scarf can be both useful and adorable! Walmart has brightly colored scarves for 5$, and they’re sold in abundance at resale shops for very little $.


The simplest and cheapest trick of all? Nails and makeup!

Just adding bright fingernail polish or bright lipstick can absolutely add another element to a boring outfit. Graci and I have fallen in LOVE with red lipstick, and bright nail polish is also high on our list of favorites. Have fun with these ladies. It’s a fast, classy, and adorable way to give your look that extra little oomph.

Be yourself, always.


Phat Fanny-MBFFW13

4 Nov

When you hear the word fanny pack what do you think?

Let me just take a guess…

We don’t blame you. Fanny packs have had a bad rap since someone decided it made more sense to sling a bag over your shoulder than to strap it around your waist. But let’s take a closer look.

Fanny Pack Pros:

  • Hands free–who hasn’t gotten sick of your purse taking up space where a perfectly good shopping bag could be?
  • Easier on the shoulder–no more red marks on your shoulders!
  • Aaaaaannd that’s all we would think of.

So why are we defending the fanny pack?

Because Rachel Zoe told us so. 

During Mercedes Benz Fall Fashion Week for Spring 2012 something magical happened. Rachel Zoe opened our eyes to the possibilities of fanny packs and made us believe again. Are we running out to get them? Not quite. But I for one have been dreaming of  the hands free life for a while. While visions of levitating purses are a bit far fetched, these new waist bags(I can’t use the phrase “fanny pack” anymore, I just can’t) are definitely something keep on your BOLO list.

Rachel Zoe Spring 2013

Sharp and classy. We are digging these polished packs. While they haven’t hit the stores yet we’re predicting a surge.

And not just for hipsters. 



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