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7 Jan

Happy thanksgiving! Happy Hanukkah! Joyous Kwanza! Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! 

Did that cover them all?

Free Spirit Stylists took a short sabbatical, but we are back for the new year! We are confident that 2013 is going to be fantastic. 🙂

So buckle up and get ready for a fantastic 2013 with more fashion coverage, style tips, affordable fashion, and a late “fashion resolution” that we want you to do with us. 😉

Happy New Year! 





Phat Fanny-MBFFW13

4 Nov

When you hear the word fanny pack what do you think?

Let me just take a guess…

We don’t blame you. Fanny packs have had a bad rap since someone decided it made more sense to sling a bag over your shoulder than to strap it around your waist. But let’s take a closer look.

Fanny Pack Pros:

  • Hands free–who hasn’t gotten sick of your purse taking up space where a perfectly good shopping bag could be?
  • Easier on the shoulder–no more red marks on your shoulders!
  • Aaaaaannd that’s all we would think of.

So why are we defending the fanny pack?

Because Rachel Zoe told us so. 

During Mercedes Benz Fall Fashion Week for Spring 2012 something magical happened. Rachel Zoe opened our eyes to the possibilities of fanny packs and made us believe again. Are we running out to get them? Not quite. But I for one have been dreaming of  the hands free life for a while. While visions of levitating purses are a bit far fetched, these new waist bags(I can’t use the phrase “fanny pack” anymore, I just can’t) are definitely something keep on your BOLO list.

Rachel Zoe Spring 2013

Sharp and classy. We are digging these polished packs. While they haven’t hit the stores yet we’re predicting a surge.

And not just for hipsters. 



Ladies, Ladies, Do You Wanna Roll In My Mercedes?

3 Nov

Skye and I have been reviewing the Mercedes Benz Fall Fashion week for the spring 2013 collections. Let me tell you, we have much to rejoice. The runway was littered with PLENTY of little beauties that we can’t wait to help you re-create. While the runway can get a little fantastical, some very talented designers worked very hard to come up with some beautiful and totally street wearable styles. We’ll be posting plenty of MBFFW13 (Mercedes Benz Fall Fashion Week for Spring 2013) reviews, so check back and stay informed. 😉

While every designer is different and has their own personal flair, there we’re some definite trends on the runway that are going to be spring musts. But why wait for spring? This years MBFFW13 had plenty of versatile styles that we think you can rock for fall and winter.


Dark Romantic- This year we saw a TON of dark, punky, romantic clothing. Which we’re loving. While a couple years ago your mom would have called you a “goth” for sporting black nail polish, now a little “black magic” can be very polished and alluring. Designers like BCBGMAXAZRIA, Rachel Zoe, Calvin Klein, Jill Stuart, Phillip Lim, and Herve Leger all rocked the runway with “black beauties”. While this was the Spring 2013 we prefer to save the dark looks for fall and winter and reserve spring for the brighter looks.

 Runway: Calvin Klein 

Our Take:

Dress-Goodwill $7 + Shoes-Garage Sale $3 + Stockings-Target $3 + Headband-forever21 $5

Grand total= $18

Get it Cheap: forever21 $24.80

See Through Stunners- Another look that’s been trending for a while is pieces comprised of flowy sheer fabric as well as lace. Extremely soft and romantic this trend is doable all year round. Diane Von Furstenberg, Marchesa, Jason Wu, Carolina Herrera, and Jill Stuart were just a few of the designers to utilize light airy materials.


Carolina Herrera & Jason Wu

Our Take:

Lace Dress-forever21 $25 + Goddess Shoes- JC Penny’s $20 + Bow-Family Heirloom $0

Grand total= $45

Sheer top-forever21 $19 + Skinnies-forever21 $10 + Polkadot Pumps-Charlotte Russe $15 + Head Scarf-Goodwill $1

Grand total= $45


Get it Cheap:

forever21 $15.50|forever21 $22.80




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