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Phat Fanny-MBFFW13

4 Nov

When you hear the word fanny pack what do you think?

Let me just take a guess…

We don’t blame you. Fanny packs have had a bad rap since someone decided it made more sense to sling a bag over your shoulder than to strap it around your waist. But let’s take a closer look.

Fanny Pack Pros:

  • Hands free–who hasn’t gotten sick of your purse taking up space where a perfectly good shopping bag could be?
  • Easier on the shoulder–no more red marks on your shoulders!
  • Aaaaaannd that’s all we would think of.

So why are we defending the fanny pack?

Because Rachel Zoe told us so. 

During Mercedes Benz Fall Fashion Week for Spring 2012 something magical happened. Rachel Zoe opened our eyes to the possibilities of fanny packs and made us believe again. Are we running out to get them? Not quite. But I for one have been dreaming of  the hands free life for a while. While visions of levitating purses are a bit far fetched, these new waist bags(I can’t use the phrase “fanny pack” anymore, I just can’t) are definitely something keep on your BOLO list.

Rachel Zoe Spring 2013

Sharp and classy. We are digging these polished packs. While they haven’t hit the stores yet we’re predicting a surge.

And not just for hipsters. 



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