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30 Day Closet Cleanse

21 Jan


Happy new year!

If you’re like me, the new year means several things to you.

It means having a salad for lunch instead of a hamburger(no matter how hot and delicious it is), it means taking the stairs instead of the elevator(even in 4 inch heels. Talk about a calf workout!), and it means watching a million health documentaries, freaking out, throwing away all the condiments and unhealthy snacks in my home, and buying a juicer. Well, that one was new this year.


*side note*- in LOVE with my new juicer.

In general at the beginning of the year we all take a deep breath, brace ourselves, and take a good long look into the mirror in effort to “spot the difference” in the person we are and the person we want to be. In the season of self improvement and self bettering, Skye and I have a late resolution for you…and your closet.

If you’re an average fashion loving homo sapien, than you and I have something in common.

A closet bursting at the seams.                                                                                                                                                                                    Bursting with dresses, coats, jeans, slacks, blouses, sweaters, flats, scarves, heels, skirts, shorts, and an array of accessories. Skye and I do at least! The beginning of the year is all about self improvement, so why not do the same for you closet?! I can just about guarantee that in your closet you probably have enough clothes to last you several months, but you wash the same ones every week and wear them again! This challenge is about simplifying, purging, and fine tuning your closet.

I just joined a Zumba class, yes, part of the new year craze. Anyways, the first class I show up in some work out gear and my brown Champion tennis shoes.



I spent the first class slipping and sliding all over place, there was no traction on my tennis shoes anymore! Why? Because I bought those tennis shoes SIX YEARS AGO. Those were the tennis shoes I bought for my freshman gym class! Talk about too old to still be gracing my closet floor! I clearly bought new ones.


Upgrade? I think so. 

So here’s the challenge:



1. You MUST wear something new(that belongs to you) every day.
2. No re-wearing anything for the entire 30 days! (Exceptions: underclothes, work uniforms, shoes, and things of the like)
3. No buying new clothes! I know that sucks, but just for 30 days!
4. Take a picture of your outfit and tweet/instagram it to us! (Less of a rule, more of a suggestion)
5. At the end of the challenge purge your closet of the clothes/shoes/accessories you didn’t wear during the challenge/haven’t worn in several months or longer.

In these 30 days you’ll be able to figure out what in your closet you love, and what you can live without. You’ll be able to see what fits you well, and what maybe isn’t the most flattering on you anymore. Because you can’t re-wear items you’ll be able to mix and match your wardrobe and put together outfits you’ve never worn before! When it comes down to it this is about identifying the clothes that you love and make you feel good and getting rid of the rest! Simplify, purge, and fine tune your style with Skye and I on the 30 DAY CLOSET CEANSE!

The challenge is from February 1st–March 2d! Start your engines, ladies, and get ready!



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