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Button Down Shirts: Tomgirl or Tomboy? We Vote Both!

5 Nov

So, as many of you do not know, I spent the summer working on a dude ranch in Wyoming. It was the coolest experience ever, but also left me with a lot of button down shirts hanging in my closet. Now, I’d bet a lot of money that 90 out of 100 of you have button down shirts hanging in your closet that you rarely wear. At the very least, I know that your mom made you take senior pictures in a white one, along with some dark wash jeans. I also know that a number of jobs you, the rest of society, and I have worked at required button down shirts –Hollister, some waitressing jobs, dude ranches, hotels, whatever, you’re not retarded so I know you get me. The problem here is, most of you just don’t know what to do with them now. They end up at Goodwill or Plato’s Closet for the next sucker to come and buy for their new job.

That is all about to change.

Graci and I are about to show you just two of the MANY ways to wear a button down.

Now, we laugh about being twins, but we seriously are. We packed clothes for this shoot and really didn’t tell each other details about what we brought. Anyways, we ended up having the same shirt in different colors, and we pulled them out of the car at the same time and freaked out like the children we are (let me just tell you, this happens every time we see each other). Lydia, (our photographer) almost died laughing.

The boots we did buy together, or, I ordered mine, then Graci asked if I would care if she bought the same pair in another color. What do you think I said? “Heck no I don’t care. We already own doubles of almost everything else by sheer happenstance. Follow your heart.” So she did. Anyways.

Here you go. Graci displays the Tomgirl side of this look perfectly. She added a tie to a pink pinstriped shirt, which ended up being very Spencer-esque (from Pretty Little Liars), then she added a headband to keep it girly, and donned combat boots to make it very Tomgirlish.

On the other hand, is the Tomboy look. I pulled out my favorite pair of suspenders, clipped them over the blue pinstriped version of the shirt (leaving it a little untucked and sloppy for an unkept look), added a fedora to keep it a little boyish, then donned my combat boots as well.

The two versions of this look have very little variation, but it’s amazing how just the right accessories turned the look from girly to boyish. We loved these outfits, and guess what? They’re totally affordable!

Blue pinstriped shirt = 5$ on sale at Aeropostle

Pink pinstriped shirt = 3$ at Goodwill

Fedora = 3$ at a huge flea market

Headband = 1$ at Claire’s

Suspenders = 4$ on Ebay (Y’all, I kid you not, Ebay is the greatest).

Tie = 2$ at Goodwill

Graci’s skinny jeans = 10$ at Forever21

My skinny jeans =10$ at a resale shop (They’re American Eagle).

Graci’s combat boots = 20$ Charlotte Russe

Skye’s combat boots = 20$ Charlotte Russe

Graci’s look = 36$ total.

My look = 42$ total.

Eat that up, ladies, it’s good for you. And the coolest part? ALL of these pieces can be worn in multiple outfits!

Be bold and have fun with it.


If you’re in a mad rush for suspenders, hot topic has them for about 8 bucks, but STOP. Goodwill has the more legit, real life, VINTAGE versions for about 3 or 4 bucks. ALWAYS go there first! Also, button down shirts, ties, and occasionally name brand skinny jeans can be found at Goodwill as well. Also, Plato’s Closet is my safe haven. A word to the wise, try these places first BEFORE you head to the mall. It’ll save you so much money, and you’ll be much more likely to have one-of-a-kind pieces since they’re older and not sold in bulk anymore!

Fashion can be very inexpensive. Dressing adorable is all about finding pieces for super cheap, and just putting them together in new and improved ways.




Phat Fanny-MBFFW13

4 Nov

When you hear the word fanny pack what do you think?

Let me just take a guess…

We don’t blame you. Fanny packs have had a bad rap since someone decided it made more sense to sling a bag over your shoulder than to strap it around your waist. But let’s take a closer look.

Fanny Pack Pros:

  • Hands free–who hasn’t gotten sick of your purse taking up space where a perfectly good shopping bag could be?
  • Easier on the shoulder–no more red marks on your shoulders!
  • Aaaaaannd that’s all we would think of.

So why are we defending the fanny pack?

Because Rachel Zoe told us so. 

During Mercedes Benz Fall Fashion Week for Spring 2012 something magical happened. Rachel Zoe opened our eyes to the possibilities of fanny packs and made us believe again. Are we running out to get them? Not quite. But I for one have been dreaming of  the hands free life for a while. While visions of levitating purses are a bit far fetched, these new waist bags(I can’t use the phrase “fanny pack” anymore, I just can’t) are definitely something keep on your BOLO list.

Rachel Zoe Spring 2013

Sharp and classy. We are digging these polished packs. While they haven’t hit the stores yet we’re predicting a surge.

And not just for hipsters. 



The Boyfriend Sweater

2 Nov

Ladies, I’m sure you’ve all noticed the upsurge of 80’s sweaters and tights showing up in magazines and malls, but have you actually tried it out? If you haven’t, or even if you have… here’s a quick rendition of how to take that look from bland to grand, do it without spending very much at all, and rock it better than Denise Cosby herself.

The easiest way to begin your outfit is to steal. Now, I’m not encouraging you to shoplift here; I’m just encouraging you to make use of the phrase “What’s mine is yours” and raid your boyfriend’s clothes. Call him up, go over without asking, whatever it is you do, and make a beeline for his closet. Look through his old sweaters, or if he’s trendy and has new ones then go for those. You want one that’s big enough to cover your butt, because a butt hanging out in tights just isn’t our favorite thing, and the point of the Boyfriend Sweater is that it looks large on you. Now, if you don’t have a boyfriend, I’m sure you have a dad. Substitute father for boyfriend and repeat previous steps. Last resort: If you don’t have a dad nearby, or if he’s a cool cat and threw away all his retro sweaters, get your cute booty to the nearest Goodwill. Goodwill is a gold mine for all the retro styles that are in right now, and if I start ranting on that we’ll never finish this entry, so anyways, go straight to the men’s sweater rack at Goodwill and start searching.

The sweater I’m wearing in these pictures (the green and black striped one) was a Goodwill find. I think it was 4$, and it made my life so much better to add it to my closet. Be brave with patterns and colors; you can’t really go wrong. The one Graci is wearing is her husband’s sweater. So you see here, we’ve already utilized two of the three options for sweater finding.
The second thing you need to add to your outfit is tights. Don’t be afraid to wear patterned tights if your sweater is a solid, and make sure you wear solid tights if your sweater is patterned. If you mix this up you’ll just look like someone stuck you in a blender. There is a time and place for mismatched patterns, but the tights-and-sweater part of this look really isn’t it.

Once you’ve succeeded in getting the tights and sweater part of your look done, the body of this outfit is finished. Lastly, to bulk it up and add a fashion-magazine-I-know-what-I’m-doing aspect to this outfit, you should definitely add a hat, scarf, or similar killer accessory.

Fedoras and hobo hats are the best for this look, and a large contrasting scarf is a must. We used white and black scarves, but if you can really be pretty bold with the scarf and hat part of the outfit. Don’t be afraid of bright colors or slightly contrasting patterns; just make sure it blends with the color palate.

Lastly, add your shoes! We love combat boots. They just complete so many outfits in the most perfect way… but if you have other boots you can’t stay away from, or keds tennis shoes, go for it. We support you.


To see the complete Boyfriend Sweater photo shoot plus blooper visit our facebook by clicking the image below!

Drum Roll Please!

2 Nov

Introducing for the very first time—Graci Phillips and Skye Lingenfelter!

Two free spirit stylists, friends, and bargain savvy fashionistas.

What will you find in this small corner of the blogsphere? Things we LOVE. We are incredibly excited to share everything with you. New styles we love, new styles we hate, our favorite places to shop, our best bargains, tips and tricks, how to make what’s working on the runway work on you, and the best part…how to dress to the nines without breaking the bank.

So thank you for reading this far and we hope you enjoy the things we love as much as we do. 🙂


Skye: Born a southern belle and transported, unwillingly, to a small Indiana town when I was 9.

It was the best thing that’s every happened to me.

I met the friends who are now considered my best, and fast became the sister of a grand total of 10 kids. I’ve been playing golf since I was three I’m currently attending USI on a golf scholarship and majoring in psychology. I’m a total nerd and live off big words and learning about mental abnormalities.

Graci: Born in Nashville and lived a peaceful life until 1999.

I was then thrown on a motorhome with a group of crazy adults and carted all over the countries with my parents for the next ten years. An important thing I learned growing up is to always be yourself and don’t worry what other people think. You meet new people everyday.

Some people will like you and some won’t. The important thing is to love yourself.

I currently live back in Nashville and am pursuing a music career. Check it out– www.graciphillips.com

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