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Wear Your Favorite Summer Duds All Year Long

19 Nov

One of the saddest days of the year is when you have to say goodbye to your beautiful summer wardrobe and break out the winter gear. Don’t get us wrong, we love cuddling up in a cute sweater and comfy scarf–but you might not have to kiss your summer dresses goodbye quite yet.

And don’t leave out the scarf and sweater either.

Here we have a super cute spaghetti strap, empire waist dress. Looks perfect for a summer night, but by adding a few pieces….


Add a blazer, a scarf, and some tights or leggings and you have a totally fall appropriate dress.

Moving on.

You may be saying to yourself, “Duh, anyone can add a blazer and a scarf.” Yes. You’re right,  but don’t discredit layering under your dress! Layering the right pieces under your summer dress can add a new level of warmth as well as flair.

Here we have a sleeveless jersey sun dress. Totally adorable on its own, but not quite warm enough for colder temperatures.

While at first glance this dress looks very summery, the red and green shades against the black actually translate very well to a “Christmasy” feel when adding a few key elements.

A thin long sleeved shirt and dark red tights instantly give this outfit a “colder weather” look.

Here’s another example of layering under.

Add a cute button up and some stockings…

Even a blazer over that would be adorable.

I’d like to revisit outer layering. Just because you’re putting something over your dress doesn’t mean it has to be a jacket or cardigan.

Here we have a cute color/pattern blocked dress. The gathering at the waist makes it easy to layer on another top.

Adding a cute sweater over this dress completely changes the feel of this look.

Furthermore, sometimes just layering on a basic top can do the trick.

Totally presh summer romper.

Add top, tights, boots–done.

These are just a few ideas to help get your fashion ball rolling. Be creative and stay warm!



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The Boyfriend Sweater

2 Nov

Ladies, I’m sure you’ve all noticed the upsurge of 80’s sweaters and tights showing up in magazines and malls, but have you actually tried it out? If you haven’t, or even if you have… here’s a quick rendition of how to take that look from bland to grand, do it without spending very much at all, and rock it better than Denise Cosby herself.

The easiest way to begin your outfit is to steal. Now, I’m not encouraging you to shoplift here; I’m just encouraging you to make use of the phrase “What’s mine is yours” and raid your boyfriend’s clothes. Call him up, go over without asking, whatever it is you do, and make a beeline for his closet. Look through his old sweaters, or if he’s trendy and has new ones then go for those. You want one that’s big enough to cover your butt, because a butt hanging out in tights just isn’t our favorite thing, and the point of the Boyfriend Sweater is that it looks large on you. Now, if you don’t have a boyfriend, I’m sure you have a dad. Substitute father for boyfriend and repeat previous steps. Last resort: If you don’t have a dad nearby, or if he’s a cool cat and threw away all his retro sweaters, get your cute booty to the nearest Goodwill. Goodwill is a gold mine for all the retro styles that are in right now, and if I start ranting on that we’ll never finish this entry, so anyways, go straight to the men’s sweater rack at Goodwill and start searching.

The sweater I’m wearing in these pictures (the green and black striped one) was a Goodwill find. I think it was 4$, and it made my life so much better to add it to my closet. Be brave with patterns and colors; you can’t really go wrong. The one Graci is wearing is her husband’s sweater. So you see here, we’ve already utilized two of the three options for sweater finding.
The second thing you need to add to your outfit is tights. Don’t be afraid to wear patterned tights if your sweater is a solid, and make sure you wear solid tights if your sweater is patterned. If you mix this up you’ll just look like someone stuck you in a blender. There is a time and place for mismatched patterns, but the tights-and-sweater part of this look really isn’t it.

Once you’ve succeeded in getting the tights and sweater part of your look done, the body of this outfit is finished. Lastly, to bulk it up and add a fashion-magazine-I-know-what-I’m-doing aspect to this outfit, you should definitely add a hat, scarf, or similar killer accessory.

Fedoras and hobo hats are the best for this look, and a large contrasting scarf is a must. We used white and black scarves, but if you can really be pretty bold with the scarf and hat part of the outfit. Don’t be afraid of bright colors or slightly contrasting patterns; just make sure it blends with the color palate.

Lastly, add your shoes! We love combat boots. They just complete so many outfits in the most perfect way… but if you have other boots you can’t stay away from, or keds tennis shoes, go for it. We support you.


To see the complete Boyfriend Sweater photo shoot plus blooper visit our facebook by clicking the image below!

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